Real Estate Investment

Koa GM offers private consultancy and brokerage services for global entrepreneurs who aim to find profitable property investment opportunities in the United States. We are here to help you place capital into the right real estate project to generate a secure passive income stream.


The management team of the Koa Group Worldwide is comprised of accomplished professionals with more than half-a-century of joint experience in real estate acquisition, land development, community planning, construction finance, international funds and project management.

Over 6,000 multi-family units, over 750 single-family homes, over 10multiplex theaters, 12 hotels, 4 assisted-living facilities, 3 master-planned community plans, and over 150,000 sq. ft. of designed & built medical space.



The leadership team of Koa has provided financial planning and management services for both residential and commercial projects as licensed general contractors in the states of California, Hawaii, Nevada, Arizona, and Colorado. The total value of the residential, commercial, retail and master-planned community development projects that they have completed together to this day is over $2 Billion.

Current Program:

3-Tier Hawaii Real Estate Investment Program

Tier 1: Investor

Secured Debt Investment Through Real Estate Crowdfunding

  • Projected Return: 9.5% Net APR
  • Minimum Investment: $50,000


Tier 2: Owner

Property Ownership in Hawaii Through Purchasing a Lot or House

  • Average Land Lot Price: $200,000
  • Average House Price: $400,000


Tier 3: Partner

Equity Partnership in the Development Through Purchasing Stock

  •  170% ROI + 5% Dividend Yield
  • Minimum Amount: $100,000

Hawaii Real Estate Market

As a prime tourism destination of the world, with one-of-a-kind natural beauties and top-class resorts, Hawaii has an increasing value for real estate investment. The ideal location of these colorful islands of the United States is enjoyed by people around the world who want to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Our years of experience in the Hawaiian Islands region allow us to lead our guests to successful landed property options for a high-return investment.

Due to its strategic location, year-round warm climate, multinational population and world-renowned tourist attractions, State of Hawaii has one of the most active and profitable real estate markets – not only in the United States but in the entire world. Property values remain at high levels even when the mainland American market tends to decline.

“The key factor to the all-time productivity of the Hawaii market is its unique position that attracts capital from some of the biggest economies in the world reciprocally: the United States, Japan, Australia, China, Canada and Korea.”

To this day, the Koa Group has completed a number of commercial and residential construction projects in the State of Hawaii. In addition, our experts have provided management and financial planning services for large scale land development programs that not only created jobs and communities, but also helped us create a network of professionals who have the local know-how.


The Island of Hawaii is the largest of the 8 major Hawaiian Islands. Besides being a major sports and tourism center, the Island is also a significant meeting point for Pacific countries. The Big Island has been serving as a bridge between Asian and American continents for centuries. There are 2 international airports on the island; Hilo International Airport (ITO) on the east and Kona International Airport (KOA) on the west. 


Many famous businessmen and entrepreneurs have purchased properties in the State of Hawaii, and especially the Big Island. Charles Schwab (founder of Charles Schwab brokerage and banking company), Michael Dell (founder of Dell computers), Howard Schultz (CEO of Starbucks) all have multi-million dollar estates on the Big Island, Hawaii.


Our services for overseas real estate investors include:

  • Establishing a Living Family Trust
  • Getting a Loan from a U.S. Bank
  • Home-Ownership Documentation
  • U.S. Property Tax Due Diligence
  • Legal International Funds Transfer
  • Opening a U.S. Bank Account
  • Budget-Friendly Payment Planning
  • Property Management Oversight
  • Return on Investment Strategies




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