Residency in the US

Koa GM brings a decade of experience in investment-based immigration programs. After successfully managing three of our own construction projects, funded by foreign investors under the regulations of the USCIS EB-5 Program, we now operate as US immigration and real estate investment consultants, in partnership with high-profile projects and reputable fund managers in New York.


As the members of the Koa team, we are proud to have a working system that helped over two-hundred people from around the world in achieving their goals of starting a new life in America. With our carefully planned and government approved projects, Koa GM is ready to guide you in your investment to immigration journey.


We group our United States residency services in three main categories:

  1. Green Card through EB-5 Investment
  2. E2 Visa through Business Partnership
  3. Post-Visa Immigration Consultancy



Apply for Green Card for your entire family by becoming partners in a structured fund that provides financing to a reputable development project in New York City.


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For applicants who do not prefer to apply for green card through EB-5, we developed a unique program that consists of two stages:

Become a Turkish Citizen + Live in the US with E2 Visa

Our carefully crafted combined program involves a 2-month process of obtaining Turkish Citizenship, and then a following process of applying to E-2 Visa to live and work in the United States by partnering in one of our qualified businesses operations located in the State of California.

Our international team of professionals, that includes real estate experts in Turkey, immigration attorneys in the United States and overseas financial advisors, guide our clients meticulously at every step of the process and bring a holistic approach to obtaining global mobility by first securing a Turkish Citizen, and then becoming an entrepreneur in America.



Koa Gm also provides immigration consultancy and global mobility services for families and individuals who recently relocated from their home country to the United States or Turkey.

In the aftermath of acquiring your American and/or Turkish resident status, our team of experts will help you and your family members in establishing in your city of preference. Having an extended team with wide ranging expertise that includes California Realtors®, immigration attorneys, US tax consultants, Turkish and American international education consultants and financial advisors empower us to commit to your success in making the big move and create a new future for your family.

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