About us

Koa GM is an overseas consultancy firm, specializing in real estate investment and immigration programs. With offices in China, Japan, Hawaii, California, Boston, Turkey and Indonesia, the global network of the Koa Group brings its founders’ 40 years of experience in real estate development, construction finance, international fund management and investment-based immigration.

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Strong Roots in the Ground

With an extensive background in real estate development, our founding team have provided financial planning and management services for both residential and commercial projects as licensed general contractors in the states of California, Hawaii, Nevada, Arizona, and Colorado. They successfully directed numerous construction, renovation and real estate development enterprises and, to this day, completed projects which in total worth over $2 billion.



Building Bridges, Overseas

After years of experience in construction, development and syndication, the Koa Group brought their experience in fund management and investor relations into the EB-5 industry. Koa team planned and managed three development projects under the USCIS EB-5 Program and helped more than 200 applicants obtain green cards through their own development projects.

After the completion of their third project, Koa continues to provide consultancy services and share its vast experience in EB-5 through its strong partnerships in the industry. We currently work with the most reputable groups in the EB-5 program and guide our investors to the finish line by placing them in high-profile projects located in New York City.


Besides the EB-5 Program, we also provide overseas real estate investment services for foreigners who seek to benefit from the productivity of the American real estate market.


Today, the Koa group provides consultancy services in three main areas:

1- United States Visa and Immigration Consultancy

  • a) EB-5 Immigrant-Investor Program

  • b) E-2 Entrepreneurial Visa Program

2- Turkish Citizenship through Real Estate Acquisition

3- Strategic Real Estate Investment in the United States




The Koa Group holds memberships in the American Chamber of Commerce associations in China, Turkey and Indonesia.


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